Alice! English 111!


They’re having a party in their room.
Wish we had a party in ours
She’s like the bully in high school.
You were always what?
I was not expecting this story
in front of the whole class.
Does it matter?
I really have to go, ok?
Bye guys,
love you.
We were so disappointed.
She’s definitely a Kat not a Kathy.
I always forget my towel.
R&B is like the keys on the piano.
It used to be a love triangle,
now it’s like a pentagon.
Don’t even bother.
Hey whatcha doin’?
The guy I like is a junior manager.
Did he put the moves on?
He was always smiling at me.
Hold on,
I made the whole thing up in my head
We all need to fly solo for awhile.
I’m done looking.
No expectations or crushes
So what did you think?
You’re boyfriend is a boy.
I actually remember everything.
I really am clueless.
I don’t know what I’m doing.
I pretend like I do.
I’m not very good at romance.
It’s just like when Harry met Sally.


Commentary: I did this exercise lying on my bed listening to conversations going on in the lounge across the hall. Sometimes it was difficult to make out what was being said exactly. That was one of the challenges I had with this exercise. Also, since there were different conversations going on, it was hard to keep track of all of them. I played around with the lines a little bit and tried to rearrange them, but I decided that I still liked the original organic ordering better, so I kept it as is.

Visual Poetry 1: i carry your heart with me (E.E. Cummings)

i carry your
                            heart with me
                                                    (i carry it in
                                                                          my heart)
                  i am never 
                                                            without it
                                   i go you go,
my dear;
                                                                 and whatever
               is done by
                                        only me is
                     your doing,

my darling)
                                         i fear no fate
                                                                   (for you are
my fate, my
                      sweet) i want
                                              no world(for
                                                                    beautiful you
  are my world,
                                my true) and
                                                         it’s you are
             whatever a
                                moon has always
                                                              meant and whatever
a sun will
                                            always sing
                                                                      is you
    here is the
                                                                   deepest secret
                          nobody knows
                                                 (here is the
                                                                   root of the root
and the bud
                        of the bud
                                                           and the sky
                                       of the sky
of a tree
                                                                             called life;
                 which grows
                                                      higher than the
                             soul can hope
or mind can hide)
                                                                       and this is the
                                          wonder that’s
       keeping the
                                                           stars apart
                         i carry your
                                                                      (i carry it
in my heart)


Commentary: I liked how this looked. I’ve never really put much thought into the visual aspect of poetry, so this exercise was refreshing. The scattered phrases were not conducive to reading, but I thought the design was interesting to look at. You could read the phrases in any order that you choose to. It makes the poem almost like a puzzle or a game.

Cento: Charles Bukowski

an old man
on the park benches
liver gone
kidneys going
his own shit.
during my worst times
drunk again at 3 a.m. at the end of my 2nd bottle
I wouldn’t call it
I recognize him as
our former mailman.
caged tree
that settled for
whatever was occurring
we move on to the next
and when relationships
went wrong
his favorite expression
had been:


Commentary: Usually I like to recombine with snippets of lines, but I had to keep the lines intact for this exercise. Since most of the lines from my source poems were short to begin with, this was not extremely difficult.


A cute girl who likes to have fun
Lucky for me we hang out a ton
It’s great to hear what you have to say
Can’t wait for your birthday which is only a few days away
Enamored am I of the card you made me the other day

Lucky for me we can be friends
It’s cool to see how personality blends



You’re an awkward fencer, that’s what I’ve heard.
Cute and funny, so tall it’s absurd.
You text like you’re half drunk, but I don’t mind,
We are friends, so it’s been defined.

You’re not so good at matching your socks
I’m not so good either, btw YOU ROCK!
You have killer kicks, the red ones are destroyed
If you’ll be my friend, I’d be overjoyed.

If I could be more I’d be ecstatic
but I guess your situation is problematic.



Commentary: These are poems that my friend and I exchanged earlier in the semester. I thought they were pretty terrible and juvenile aka perfect for this exercise!

Google Poem: Lover’s Spit

for Lover’s Broken Scene
Spit Forgot in People
Let It Die

All sit around and clean their face
listen to teeth, learn to quit
Wicker “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl”
two favorites…
listen for You.
These artists
related to lover’s
redux spit

957,000 watch people drinking.
They sit around and learn how to quit.
listen to You.
(What is this?)

Lover’s Report
Lover’s all
Lover’s / They
Lover’s Lyrics »
“Lover’s, two
Lover’s Video
Lover’s for
Lover’s appears
Lover’s: Broken
Lover’s (MP3
lover’s feist
lover’s meaning
lover’s chords
lover’s redux


Commentary: I googled the song I was listening to at the moment, “lover’s spit.” I picked out random snippets for the first two poems. For the third variation, each line was the word “lover’s” and the first word that followed “spit.” Overall, I liked how the second poem turned out. I liked how it looked with the parenthetical expression, all caps, numbers and italics.

Andrew 1,2,3



You could
never be
a drug
dealer because
you are
too skinny.
But your
gangly limbs
move perfectly
on the
dance floor.

You smoke cigarettes.
They are unattractive.
You knocked them
down from your
desk because you
did not want
me to see.


To onto
In into
Round around
Under underneath
With within
Up upon
Of off

Preposition + adverb
To savagely onto
In somewhere into anywhere
Round soon around always
Under mistakenly back-to back underneath
With kindly within naggingly
Peacefully up past upon
Of off-tune off

Preposition + adverb + noun
To savagely onto life
Pain in somewhere laughter into anywhere
Love round soon around always family.
Under mothers mistakenly fathers back-to back daughters underneath brothers
Husbands with kindly within wives naggingly
Peacefully couples up past upon age
Of time off-tune off silence.

20 words + 1

YOUNG NEW YORKERS no longer care about having sex. It’s not the endgame, nor even the animating force of social interaction.

cut up using

1. animating about sex. not force the NEW care nor about force sex. NEW the force It’s force YORKERS nor NEW interaction.

2. endgame, social YOUNG NEW force longer longer sex. It’s It’s of endgame, having longer not about the endgame, even YOUNG having

3. even social having even not care about longer social force sex. care no of YOUNG care about It’s care about social